Other facilities

Fire detection and emergency lighting

In our apartments we like to be provident.Therefore the entire building is equipped with fire detection and fire alarm systems for rapid evacuation of guests, if it was necessary.Extintors ABC.

  • ABC Fire extinguisher
  • CO2 Fire extinguisher
  • Manual call Points
  • Emergency sirens
  • Emergency signs
  • smoke detectors
  • Heat detectors
  • Central control alarm with 8 different areas

 If a breakdown occurs in the grid circuit,We also installed emergency lights temporarily go on during power failure.

Water-softening system

We have also installed a water softener to remove lime obtaining in return a number of advantages:

  • Avoid excess lime detrimental corrosion harm taps, pipes, washing machine, dishwasher machine, electric heater; getting to change your life and improve its performance.
  • Save on cleaning products
  • Easier cleaning of bathrooms and appliances.
  • Less environmental pollution
  • bathing or showering , the soft water care more our skin. And our hair, leaving it brighter without the use of cosmetic products.

Solar panels

Benefiting ourselves that we are located on the Costa Dorada,one of the most important natural resources of this area is definitely sunlight and we've thought not miss it. Therefore and also because we focus on renewable energy we have installed two solar panels on the roof of our building.
This allows us to save energy and helps to electric water heaters.