Common area

It's an area 65 m2 about that includes a dining room with a large window, a snack kitchen and a passage leading to the toilettes (adapted to disabled).
In the dining room, the walls and interior columns are of brick and the entire roof is made of wooden planks.
Formerly this place was a wine store and we wanted to remember with a mural made ​​a local artist whose name is Yvonne.

Also clearly stand three wooden beams that were preserved from demolition of the former wine warehouse. We restored them, we refinished them and hang back to give a rustic decor space.
This room is ready to enjoy different activities: rest area, and entertainment, watching tv, to connect internet wifi for free, to read books, magazines and newspapers, to play board games, share experiences and make friends with other guests, for route planning, meals, meetings, workshops, parties, etc.

The layout of the furniture in the room it can be changed according to the needs that may have a group of customers. If request in advance, we can draw tables and chairs to adapt to your tastes.
The maxinum capacity is twenty people.


Catering services.
In our accommodations we don't have bar service and restaurant service. But if our guests asking us to prepare breakfast, coffee, sandwiches, appetizers, tapas or any dish, it will be a pleasure to prepare at our kitchen office of the commun area.

Shared area for private events.
If we are staying in our apartments to a group of guests (friends, business, family) that going together and decide sharing kitchen and dining room to celebrate meals, catering or events (calçotades, private parties) They can rent by hours or days the communal area. TO ASK FOR BUDGET


All guests staying in our apartments have free entrance to the common room and the area of services only if this area is not occupied by another group of customers who have reserved space for private events.

Generally, the kitchen of the community area is a private space and only it can be used by Can Panxeta staff.